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Namastay in Comfy Clothes

Let's just take a few minutes to talk about how cool this chick is: First, she loves Jesus. BOOM. She enjoys gymnastics and working out. DOUBLE BOOM. Longboards. JEALOUS. Andddd loves fashion. DING DING DING. 

This was my first time hanging out with Katie Yoder and let me just tell you... we had a blast! The day was overcast and rainy but that did not hold us back from snappin' pics. We hopped in the car and scouted out this backdrop - The Biblical Gardens at Center Lake. 

Those yoga poses though... I wish I could do a handstand without the fear of falling on my face! LOL. 

Katie's look is super comfy, which we can all appreciate! Her joggers literally are the softest - by Project Social T (one of our favorite brands). The triangle tee is by Chaser. I love the simplicity and loose fit. We stacked on Puravida bracelets and Lotus rings because why not?! Stop in the store soon to shop this look! 

All images via Elise Wright.