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Classy, Comfy & A Little Shady

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Should've thrown a peace sign here..

I say it's okay to throw some shade ... on your face. This look had me feeling super comfy and a little like I walked off the set of That 70's Show. Mila Kunis move over. Anyway ... our new thing (well not new ... just we forgot) is wearing a preppy button-down shirt paired with an oversized sweater. It's kind of like Abercrombie & Fitch and your grandpa's closet got married and had a baby.

Jokes aside, who isn't feeling mauve this season?! It is totally the new neutral and we are craving it like crazy. These booties packed a punch when it came to this outfit. They are an easy slip on with a 2.5" heel, just enough height to have you feeling like a NYFW (New York Fashion Week) model. 

I am linking the entire look below for you! Shop it online or (our favorite thing) stop in to see us and try on for yourself!




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