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Happy Hump Day!

So obviously we are loving this Chelsea Sweater from Amuse Society! It's so lightweight and adorable, we had to do a quick 10 minute photoshoot to show you all. Serisouly, Elise walked in the store at 10 a.m. picked out this outfit and told me (Angela) to put it on. She does not waste anytime! I throw it on and next thing you know we are speed walking, yes we did break a sweat, to this ivy wall in downtown Warsaw. 

As you know the key to any great outfit is getting it at Elysian Co.!

Here are the details: Under the Chelsea Sweater is the T-Shirt Dress, paired with High Waist Freebirds II jeans, and the always go to At Ease Loafer. You can shop online for this outfit, they are linked, or stop in the store so we can see your beautiful face!

XO, Elysian Crew