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How to Create a Mood Board

my fall fashion mood board | all images courtesy of Pinterest

Inspiration; It is something we creatives crave. When it comes to fashion, work, and daily life, we all, consciously or subconsciously, desire that spark that ignites something within us and catapults us toward our dreams. 

If you haven't heard of the term "mood board" think of a collection of your favorite Pinterest-worthy pictures displayed on one of your walls. I recently shared my fall fashion mood board on Elysian's Instagram story and it had me thinking it was time to write a little blog post on how to do your own!

The fashion industry uses mood boards to tell a story of the style they are wishing to pursue. While we may not be high fashion designers ( ... yet ), we can all use inspirational pictures to help us select our fall wardrobe, design our home, or spruce up a work space. 

Angela's fall fashion mood board | all images courtesy of Pinterst

Angela's fall fashion mood board | all images courtesy of Pinterst


  1. Make it personal. Your mood board should be filled with things that delight y-o-u. 
  2. Pick your pics. Choose photos of things that you LOVE. If your board is for dreaming about your perfect closet, bedroom, hair style ... make sure you choose items that relate to that topic! I used Pinterest and searched "current fall fashion trends". Another idea is thumbing through magazines and choosing the images that get your creative juices flowing.
  3. Print them off. Cut them out of magazines. They can be all shapes and sizes. The more different, the better!
  4. Get some washi tape! This little detail really makes your mood board pop. It adds even more color and personality.
  5. Choose a wall. The most important part is making sure your mood board is in a place you will see it the most. Mine is located in my office right above my desk, allowing me the ultimate viewing/dreaming pleasure. 
  6. Tape away. Begin taping your pics on your wall. There is no mathematical secret to it. I overlapped some of my pictures. I taped some of the corners, some of the sides. It wasn't "perfect" but it sure looked cute when I was done!
  7. Enjoy your hard/fun work. After all, that is the point of your mood board.

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XO, Elise

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