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Let's get to know each other...


Elise Wright | owner

Our fearless leader. Wife to Travis. Momma bear to Piper and two doggies, Zeus and Bentson. Photographer, Elysian website designer, blogger, buyer, and apparently jack-of-all trades. Taco, queso dip, and coffee junkie. Dancing queen. Travel lover. 


Rochelle Stech | numbers guru + co-owner

The girl in charge of the "back end" ... the parts Elise doesn't enjoy. Wife to Vance. Mother of three boys: Roman, Winston, & Maxwell. Girl who thinks she does not have a sense of humor (whom everyone thinks is hilarious). And all around encourager, motivator, Jesus-lover and total babe.


Patricia Harness | sales associate + manager

The glue that holds the gang together. If something is missing, or there is a problem, she comes to the rescue. Wife to Mark. Mother of 11 (yes you read that right). Sweet spirited. Kind hearted. Beautiful inside and out. All around superwoman. 


Ameka Lauter | sales associate & wrist candy design owner

LA girl turned small-town girl. Wife to Brandon. Mother to two fur babies. Jewelry designer and maker. The queen of all things fashion and makeup. Laid back. Caring. Helpful. Kind. And a downright blast to be around. 


Angela Harness | sales associate

The newbie to the crew. Lover of, but not limited to, coffee, makeup, and yoga pants. Model. Elysian Co. brand advocate. Humble. Thoughtful. Giving. Sweet. Beautiful. Queen of Instagram memes. Probably currently listening to Drake and sipping on a latte. 


Kara Harness | sales associate

High schooler. The girl who picks out her week's worth of clothes so she can wake up and look awesome everyday. Sassy. Classy. Fun to be around. Pinterest fanatic. Total sweetheart.